To delimit in an obsessive way home
A light comedy
The totality of a situation is articulated with the repetition of a simple and daily element, like a teaspoon. These elements represent the words for the expression of a tale.

On the two extremes of the installation we found two poles, two concentrations of meaning, of intensity, that are, in this case, the presence of two person establishing a bond.

The communication between both is defined by a lineal disposition of the teaspoons between the two poles. This central part of the installation is based on an adaptation of the morse code (a teaspoon orientated upward means a dot, downward means a line.
As a binary communication system, morse code allow us to give an important consideration: the nature of the communication is digital and remote. Another clue, they are cyber-lovers.

Once established the bridge between both, and decoded its meaning, what our cyber-lovers are saying each other, and the teaspoons are telling us, is the expression of a desire that is submitted to the distance and the binary:


"A light comedy", Barcelona, 2011.
To delimit in an obsessive way


Fragment extracted from Pedestrian exactitudes with me It makes you dizzy, but after all I've gone ahead and found the way. The point was in controlling and undestanding the nature of color. It's all a matter of the the value of the sum of it's three components + brightness. That give us the values array always in the same range. After that, freedom.
You'd have to be blind not to know what was going on.
I coud not realize it before. Hard to believe but true.


Marine and organic


Composition automatically made using an specific software designed for it.
· Framework: Processing
· Scripting languaje: Java




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