I Am My Own Drawing

The project "I Am My Own Drawing" was developed in Medellín, Colombia, from the middle of september to the end of november, 2013.
It was part of the program "Laboratorios Comunes de Creación (Creation Common Labs)", that is managed by the foundation Casa Tres Patios.
In digital art, interactivity is understood as the cultural movement that looks for a dialogic relation within the spectator and the work of art.
This way, the goal of the artistic experience remains in the quality of the stablished relation between the work of art and its user.
This supposed interactive experience does not ever cross the borders that interactive art is expected to go through, and does not always supply a real dialogue within the work of art and its user.
In many occasions, the experience remains as a ludic experience mediated by digital technology, and does not have a real influence in a user that is not really involved in the process.
The interest in developing the project "I Am My Own Drawing" comes from the aim of developing an interactive art project that really could establish an intense connection with the people involved, and that's why I decided to do it in the terms stablished by Casa Tres Patios.