Dividual, urgent service
Hygiene & Discretion service
Mind Fitness Service
No Charity Service
Internal Folklore Service
In Hygiene & Discretion service, an agent of Dividual maintains sexual furtive relations by night in a park. In return the client experiments a relief in his case of sexual indecision.
In Mind Fitness service, the methodic and concrete physical training done by a Dividual's agent will provide the client with an increase in his personal values and his stablished relationship with his immediate surrounding world.
In No Charity service, the materialization of a charity act by one of the firm's workers helps the client to pass over his dissatisfaction in his daily life, without leaving home.
I was convinced until not many time ago that a cryptic meaning was a positive and integral part of my work. I never understood why should be so important to get the passing of the public and its comprehension, specially when all my observations on this matter indicated that nobody understand more than they are disposed to understand (except in few occasions, and commonly they are not between the boundaries of the artistic production).
However, after reviewing past works and realizing that they still rise on me a sincere laugh - always in the comprehension of the idea that in the beginning originated them -, I think today that there's not reason for forbid the spectator to enter into the game, leaving him with only a serious and external approach to the work.

I hadn't realized that expecting that the work to speak by itself only by its plastic properties is like burning bridges.
I'm not talking, however, about the easy and free comprehension for all the audiences. Not that.
Who really want to understand will do it.