Enlightened Conversations
(An homophobic expression in a schoolyard. / In broad XXI century, in some countries a couple cannot go walking hand-in-hand, under penalty of being arrested and suffer corporal punishment. / The social regressive policies of the economic liberalism. / A beggar in the center of Kinshasha, who's biggest worry is to keep in perfect state his mobile phone. )

Enric Socias is actually working on the mix of advanced computer systems with atavistic elements and situations, in most of the cases of tribal origins. Species' memories.

The electronics means used in these processes build authentic forms of abstract communication between two poles, where open-hardware systems control light impulses. Two distant but contemporary worlds.
Never-ending light conversations between individuals: dialogues inherently absurds, metaphorically contemporaries and physically ancestrals.

Enric Socias creates complicated systems in the inner of rustic shapes establishing bonds among ancient subjects. Redundancy of distant attitudes expressed through actual technologies.


Text extracted of the catalogue of the exhibition Socias2, in the Rafael Ortiz Gallery, noviember, 2012

The presence of technology in my sculptural works is one of the uses I make of it.
In "Lumínicas (Light conversations)" a link between two entities spatially opposed is always established. A communication between both is constantly based on the probability of a change in their mood, as well as in the constant decision of both to turn their conversation into an argument, or, quite the opposite, pacify the other one.
They show their tendency to get short-tempered.

The integration of an open-hardware system allows me to offer a more alive perception of sculpture.
I am not talking about life as something organic, but rather as personality and a variable behaviour.

Title: Light conversation 1· Atavistic
Year: 2012
Media: Goat skulls, wood furniture, electronic system, bulbs, arduino.
Title: Light conversation 3 · Percussion
Year: 2012
Media: Tunisian bongos, wood furniture, electronic system, high-intensity leds , arduino.
Title: Light conversation 2 · Bedouins
Year: 2012
Media: Leather pieces, electronic system, high-intensity leds , arduino.