Salt (arid scene)
Salt ( arid scene) took part in a program of public installations: Retroactiva'08.

A group of artist was invited to intervent the urban space of Palma, Mallorca in the summer of 2007.

Mi participation was formed of two different pieces. The first of them was an sculptural installation where de video showed aside on the left was projected day and night over a tone of marine rough Salt.

Some meters away another piece, where salt was placed into one cubical meter in methacrylate and wood.

The artists that participated in the event were: Yolanda Adrover, Carles Gispert, Núria Marqués, Jaume Simó Sabater and I myself.

Palma of Mallorca, september 2007.


The soundtrack for this installation was composed by the artistJulio Fuentes.