Ranging from critical perspectives to exploring the possibilities of magic through technology, digital art pushes at the limits of our experience and definition of art itself.
Above all, it defines in realtime our relationship with an omnipresent technology.

The first edition of function(), digital and electronic art festival Mallorca, took place on 24th and 25th, May, 2019 in Casa Planas, Palma de Mallorca. It was possible thanks to the work and energy of Casa Planas, Cultural Space, void() ArtTech, all the artists that participated and the sponsors and collaborators that decided to trust on our project. Thanks everybody for helping us achieving the great quality needed for this surprising and necessary project.

Participant artists in this first edition:

Abe Pazos · Albert Negredo · Alona Vinç · Antoni Socias · Blanca Alonso · Casper Gottlieb · Coll.eo · Colo Alzamora · Dasha Ilina · Diego Álvarez · dj}}water}} · Elia Núñez Barez · Elías Fabré · Elías Merino · Enric Socias · Estela Sanchís · Farmer’s Manual · Fernando Velázquez · Fran Simó · Ignasi Bosch · Hernando Urrutia · Joan Jordi Oliver · Leo Sapere · Mar Reykjavik · Marina Planas · Mark Farid · Martí Guillem Ciscar · Mez Breeze · Mitos Colom · Moxus · Pedro Alves Da Veiga · Pedro Trotz · PI · P2P · Rohit Gupta · Ryan Cherewaty · Sandrine Deumier · Sarah Rasines · Stefan Riebel · Toni Mitjanit · Victor Moragues.