The Expression of the Emotions in Human and Animals
Title: The Expression of the Emotions in Human and Animals
Year: 2018
Parts: Facial analysis module, algorithmic sound generation module, monitor, webcam and wood support.
Acknowledgments: To Kyle Mc’Donald and Jason Saragih for the development of the facial analysis tool in open source.

In 1872, British naturalist Charles Darwin states in his book The expression of emotions in man and animals the universality of six basic emotions -joy, surprise, loath, anger, fear and sadness- expressed by almost all humankind using the same facial muscles in a similar way.

Recent transcultural studies* confronts the excessive occidentality of this theory with the existent differences in the way the face is used as a vehicle for the transmisssion of emotions from east to west.

Once the fickleness of expressive machinery has been yet stated, we will go further in the sublimation of nonverbal communication generating for each face it's own sound composition.

* Jack, R.E.; Garrod, O.G.B.; Yu, H.; Caldara, R.; Schyns, P.G. “Facial expressions of emotion are not culturally universal”. PNAS: 1-4, 16 de abril de 2012. DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1200155109
Work shown for first time in September 2018 at Casa Planas Cultural Centre within the framework of the exhibition Art and immateriality.